How to Write a Book Report

How to Write a Book Report Create an introduction for the book. 1. What was the name of the book? Who wrote the book? 2. What was the genre, or what kind of books was it? 3. What was the book generally about. Describe the setting and the characters. 4. Describe the time and place that the events in the book take place. 5. Introduce the most important characters and describe them. 6. Describe the circumstances that generally surround the characters. Describe the plot. 7. Describe some of the most important things that happen in the book. 8. Don’t tell the end of the story, but suggest what the main characters must do or learn to make things turn out right. Create a conclusion. 9. Why do you think people like this book? 10. Why do you like this book? 11. Would you recommend this book to other people? 12. What kind of people would like this book?